The McDougall Mill Museum holds three packed floors of artifacts, many from Renfrew’s early industrial days when the town was home to: Renfrew Electric, makers of Canadian Beauty Appliances, Renfrew Refrigerator Company, Renfrew Machinery Acorn stoves, Renfrew Flour Mills and the Renfrew Creamery.

Main Floor

The Main Floor is home to the Mercury including artifacts such as one of the first CPU models, print press machinery and classic typewriters. There is also The Handford Photography Studio and its vast collection of cameras and photo developing equipments. As well as Dr. Les Livingstone and his travels to the Arctic can be viewed in tandem with local Indigenous bead and craft work.

Upper Floor

The Upstairs features fashion through the ages, including clothes from the Victorian era, and a wedding dress gallery. A vintage doll and toy collection along with other every-day household items can be seen on this floor, right beside our school and education display. This floor also houses a substantial decorative military display including the Cold War, and World War I and II.

Basement Floor

The Basement calls to various heavy and large mill, farming, mining and logging equipment from the early 1900’s. Revolutionary industrial wares such as cast irons and ice boxes from Barnet Refrigeration Co. Along with vintage oven and cookware sets are stationed throughout this floor.